Welcome to LeanLegal!

We help startups navigate the legal requirements and safeguards when starting a new business.
We’ve created a streamlined process so that you can focus on what you do best - creating and building a successful venture. The LeanLegal team has compiled the easiest forms to use and has translated them into plain English with detailed instructions. Complete your own forms and save time and money having qualified counsel review. LeanLegal is here to help you move fast and operate lean!

The easiest legal forms to use.

Plain english with instructions so you can complete on your own and have legal counsel review.

    • Inform yourself
    • Protect your company
    • Know what questions to ask
    • Fillable forms
    • Save on your computer and reuse
    • Customize as you need

      No more waiting days, weeks to get up and running.
      No more searching for the right information.
      No more legal overkill.


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